Gray Door Photography

Gray Door Photography

Rachel Ciastko

Founder & Lead Designer.

I’m Rachel. I am the lead designer & owner of Alba Dahlia Floral. Many people ask me what our name means so I thought I would clear that up first. “Alba” means the color white in Latin, “dahlia” is our favorite flower! You get the picture ;)

Something I will always remember as a child is my Mother having a passion for planting. Every year she would make our front & backyard lavishly coated in flowers and different cool plants. I truly believe without me knowing, that is where my love for flowers came from.

I have always loved to create and design from when I was a child but I didn’t discover it truly until my 20’s. After playing college soccer and studying English I quickly realized sitting in a small desk is not for me. I am constantly moving out and about. I discovered floral after my own wedding and decided I wanted to take a chance. I got hired as an intern at a wedding floral design company and quickly got hired as a designer. I lived and breathed flowers there for 4 years. I developed my own style and started my own business. We celebrate flowers & YOU. Come say hello!


Chelsea Scott

Assistant & Floral Designer

Hi, I’m Chelsea.

Im a wife and am also a mom to two girls. I love spending time with them on my free time, listening to podcasts, and shopping for home decor. I worked at a desk job for 3 years and then became a stay at home mom. I finally found my passion while staying home and that is working with flowers! They are so beautiful to me and I love that I get to use my creativity. I’m so happy to have the pleasure to design and work for Alba dahlia floral. My dream job with an amazing group of ladies.